Scottish  Kempo  Academy



"Many young and not so young people can benefit from useful skills taught at Scottish Kempo Academy schools that could transform lives!" Rob Gibson, Former Member of the Scottish Parliament

Take your life, or your child's life to the highest level... Based in the scenic Highlands of Scotland, we are a friendly, family-orientated and well established Self-Defence organisation who take pride in being one of the finest Martial Arts organisations in the world with schools at Inverness, Tain, Dingwall, Bonar Bridge and Strathpeffer.

We are the largest Self-Defence organisation in the North of Scotland and have Lil' Dragons classes for children aged 4 - 7 years-old, and Kempo classes for children aged 8+ years-old, teens and adults. Our programmes are motivational, educational and inspirational with students receiving safe, effective and practical defensive tuition whilst reaching goals and skills they never dreamt that they could achieve!

Many adults feel they are too old or too unfit to start Martial Arts training. This couldn't be further from the truth! Our adult Kempo classes are a fantastic way to get fit, stay in shape and have fun while learning vital street Self-Defence skills. From the very first Kempo lesson, adults learn how relatively easy it is to learn. Since the movements are natural, students begin to formulate Self-Defence techniques immediately. In addition, many of our adult students have attributed success in their personal careers to the self-discipline and focus gained through their training.

Our fun, exciting, yet structured and disciplined Lil' Dragon and Kempo classes teach children how to focus their attention which improves their ability to learn Kempo techniques and defend themselves from a bully. Learning builds a real sense of accomplishment in children and with each new accomplishment a child's self-confidence will grow. Once we begin to build a child's confidence we are then able to instil the values of respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity that are the foundations of the Martial Arts dating back thousands of years.

Our Chief Coach is Hanshi (Professor) Neil Hourston (pictured) who is a 9th Degree Black Belt Professional Master Instructor in the arts of Kempo and JuJitsu. Hanshi is a three-time Martial Arts 'Hall of Fame' inductee who has been studying and teaching combative Martial Arts systems for over 39 years in the UK, USA, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Portugal. He is assisted by an inspirational team of male and female Brown and Black Belt instructors. His Mentor is Professor James Muro 10th Degree Black Belt, who lives in California, America, and is head of the Goshin-Jitsu Chow-Hoon organisation. We are very proud to have genuine Kempo lineage through Professor Muro!

The current Intermediate Yoshin Kempo grading syllabus is Yellow Dragon.

SKA Dojos will be open during Summer apart from being closed on Monday 5th August and resuming from Monday 19th August.

At a recent Kempo Camp in Greeley, Colorado, USA, in April, Neil Hourston was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt, and Helen Beattie was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt. The promotions were awarded by Professor James Muro 10th Degree Black Belt (Monterey, California), and the Goshin-Jitsu Chow-Hoon and United Martial Arts Alliance International Yudanshakai (Black Belt Boards). Neil Hourston was further awarded the Japanese title of 'Hanshi' (Senior Master) which was awarded by Grandmaster Stephen Grayston 10th Degree Black Belt Karate (London, UK), and approved by Professor James Muro and Hanshi Ron Carlson 10th Degree Black Belt Gow-Ren-Lu Kempo (Nebraska, USA).

Hanshi Neil Hourston will be leading a SKA Master Class for teens and adults at Inverness on Saturday 24th August. Contact our Office for further details.

The SKA Autumn Grading Exams are scheduled to be held on Saturday 28th September at Inverness, and on Sunday 29th September at Balintore.

The Scottish Kempo Academy will be co-hosting a 'Kempo & Karate Seminar' (which will include a Japanese Calligraphy Class) with the European Martial Arts Federation at the Seaboard Centre, Balintore, on Saturday 12th October. The event will feature Grandmaster Stephen Grayston 10th Dan Karate from London, Hanshi Neil Hourston 9th Dan Kempo, Kyoshi Helen Beattie 8th Dan Kempo, and Sensei Deb Young 3rd Dan Shodō (Japanese Calligraphy) from London.

This event is open to all Martial Artists regardless of rank or style!

Hanshi Neil Hourston and Kyoshi Helen Beattie will be teaching at Kyoshi Tony Brown's Black Star Aikido 'Martial Arts Seminar' at Birmingham, England, on Saturday 16th November. SKA members are welcome to attend the event. Contact our Office for further details.

Hanshi Neil Hourston was recently interviewed by Grandmaster Joe Rebelo 10th Dan for the Martial Arts Today TV YouTube channel.